Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Simple Change

A Simple Change (Home to Amana #2)
I recently had the chance to read A Simple Change by Judith Miller. At first I was excited at the chance to read this book and learn a little bit about the Amana Colonies but unfortunately I feel like I was left with wanting more. Jancey Rhoder, the main character adapts rather quickly and painlessly to the colony lifestyle and there are missed opportunities to see this character adapt to her new surroundings. A Simple Change was a nice read, but this reader was expecting more.

From Goodreads ......

Judith Miller's Novels Offer a Fascinating Look inside the Amana Colonies
Joining the communal society of the Amana Colonies isn't what Jancey Rhoder planned for her future, but when unforeseen circumstances force her family to make some difficult decisions, she chooses to give up her teaching position in a Kansas City orphanage and move with her parents to Iowa.
Her besotted suitor, Nathan Woodward, isn't at all happy about the move and is determined to get Jancey to change her mind. And Jancey herself isn't sure what she's gotten herself into when the simple life of the Amana Colonies means she'll be assigned a job and may have to give up teaching for good. Will Nathan woo her back to the city, or will she be forever changed by the mysterious events and new relationships that await her in the quiet villages of the Amana Colonies--and decide to make this unique place her forever home?

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